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  • foreclosure

    Lowell is a city in the Middlesex County in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts; foreclosure is the legal process through which lending entities use to get payments outstanding from defaulting borrowers who due to some reasons have stopped making their mortgage monthly payments. It is possible to have more than one lender foreclosing on the property […]

  • Cambridge foreclosure

    Cambridge is a City in the Middlesex County, Massachusetts. Foreclosure is the resolution secured lenders arrive at when a homeowner is unable to stay current in their mortgage payments for a given period of time; because of the financial implications of foreclosure a struggling debtor should first try negotiating with the lender a way forward […]

  • Foreclosure Scams in Boston

    Boston is the capital of Massachusetts and the largest city in the state of Massachusetts, and was the seat City of Suffolk County until 1999 because county governments were disbanded in Massachusetts that year; it was named so by English settlers (Puritan settlers) in 1630, therefore it is one of the oldest cities in the […]

  • Massachusetts foreclosure

    Foreclosure process follows a sequence of events and the 2nd stage of a foreclosure is known as the pre-foreclosure and is characterized with homeowner’s missed payments, penalty fees for late payment and the options available to him/her at this level include to find away to catch up with his monthly payments, reach an arrangement an […]

  • Foreclosure process is sequential and the bidding aspect of it falls under the third stage, and 90 days after the notice of default is served and the borrower has not cured the default. The lender or their representative sets an auction date for the property commonly called the Trustee Sale or foreclosure sale. The Notice […]

  • forcc

    Foreclosure auction tend to be more favorable to investors as compared to those hoping to buy a home and it’s a wise decision to buy at an auction because there are many foreclosed home thus increasing the potential of acquiring the property at a price way too lower than the market or fair value. So […]

  • Cambridge foreclosure after divorce

    Cambridge is a city in the Middlesex County Massachusetts in the Boston area, United States, divorce and foreclosure are not new terms in Cambridge and they are most happen simultaneously. After divorce the major reason as to why a foreclosure may result is due to the splitting of the family incomes whereby if one chooses […]

  • forcc

    Foreclosure in Lowell is the same foreclosure we hear about in the other districts in Massachusetts. It is a legal process through which a lender can be able to close the loan contract on a defaulting borrower, confiscate the property and sell it an auction and utilize the proceeds to compensate the debtor’s outstanding balance. […]

  • Boston foreclosure

    Falling behind on your monthly payments of your secured debts can lead to the repossession of the underlying asset such as your car, furniture among others. In Massachusetts the law provides that only a default on your monthly payments can lead to the repossession; nonetheless the lender is required to wait for 10 days after […]

  • Springfield Foreclosure Accounting

    Springfield is a major city and the seat city of the Hampden County Massachusetts, foreclosure accounting is provided by the GAAP (generally accepted accounting principles) and GAAP usually demands assets facing foreclosures to be reported separated in your accounts records. A foreclosure occurs when debtor has been delinquent for several months. Upon foreclosure the lender […]

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