Foreclosure is a devastating event in a person’s life especially when it is your primary residence on the blink of a foreclosure because besides the loss of your home, you stand to lose a neighborhood. The foreclosure may also cause interruption of your kids schooling since it might necessitate their transfer to another school; but the good things is that you do not have to face it along as there are available solutions that you can get in Boston to remedy your situation.

Boston Community Capital

This is a not for profit investment corporation that seeks to help borrowers to bring their mortgage debt to the market value because the lenders are reluctant to do so even with the declining housing prices following the increased foreclosure cases. Boston Community achieves this objective through buying foreclosed houses and selling them back to the families who had lost them at reasonable and affordable mortgage rates.

Neighborhood of Affordable Housing (NOAH)

They offer foreclosure prevention clinics in both English and Spanish to Boston Massachusetts area homeowners. The first clinic is free of charge and is considered as the first step towards a long term solution to your mortgage payments. It seeks to bring the attention of the struggling borrower the available options, rights and programs available to them; after this the second clinic involves meeting with a foreclosure prevention counselor who will get more information about your case and start the process of negotiating with your lender on your behalf towards loan modification thus assisting you maintain your budget and provide information on other modifications program.

Metropolitan Boston Housing Partnership (MBHP)

An agency that directly offers foreclosure prevention and housing programs or refers you to another program among the services they render include providing you with counseling, resources, free foreclosure advice on their rights and responsibilities, eviction prevention and landlord-tenant mediation.

Boston home center

They are HUD Certified Counselors who help home owners analyze their financial situation, informing them of the available foreclosure programs, resources and non-profits who can help the homeowners.

Regional Boston foreclosure prevention advice and agencies

Partnering with the Boston home center and all nonprofits they provide free or low cost foreclosure prevention advice, information on mortgage assistance programs, counseling and other forms of assistance to struggling homeowners.

Urban Edge or Community Development Corporation

The programs they foster are geared towards resolving families and individuals in the community as well as building and maintaining strong neighborhoods. The services they extend include housing and foreclosure counseling, foreclosure prevention, section 8 housing, budgeting and financial classes. For more information dial 617-989-9320

Action for Boston Community Development Inc

A non-profit making firm which offers many financial assistance programs which include foreclosure prevention, debt and credit counseling classes, home buyer workshops. To get more information about them dial 617-298-2045