Foreclosure on Worcester is a legally allowed process through which lenders can recoup what is owed to them by the debtors through the sale of the asset backing up the loan.If you take out a loan or a mortgage and make no efforts towards repaying, your lender(s) have a right to take back your home and sell it in order to obtain the payments from the sale of the property.

How it works

The dangers of a foreclosure in Worcester follows you closely and can show up any time you fall delinquent. It is fostered every time you take a loan from your lender and pledge your property as a means to guarantee your payments or when you borrow the amount so as to buy a house or sign a mortgage agreement giving the lender a legal claim on your property. Should you fail to be current on your repayment, the lender will have it auctioned and the primary holder receives his/her cut first.

Equity loan foreclosure

Equity in this case refers to the amount that is over and above the amount you owe on your house which is the difference between the fair market value and the amount outstanding on your loan.Equity loan therefore denotes a loan you have obtained based on that equity. Failure to make payment on this equity loan the lender can foreclose on your home.

 Risk posed by foreclosure

Foreclosure will see you lose the ownership of your house and probably lose all the heavy investment in the home as well as even be sued for deficits that may exist after the sale of the property incase what you owe is greater than the value of the house.It will also have an impact on your credit which may be a negative sign to your future housing creditors. However bank accounts, wages and other assets you own may not be at risk.

Types of foreclosures in Worcester

 a) Judicial foreclosures

This is where a lender files a civil lawsuit against a defaulting borrower and enters a process thoroughly monitored throughout by the court. Judicial foreclosures can be either:

i) Foreclosure by sale/sheriff sales

Here it is demanded that the house be auctioned and be sold to the highest bidder with the lender placing the first/opening bid.

ii) Strict foreclosure

The court sets the date by which the debtor must make the mortgage payments, should the owner fail to pay the court therefore awards the lender the ownership of the home with no auction having to take place.

 b) Non-judicial foreclosures/statute foreclosure in Worcester

The lender can advertise and sell the property in question absent the court involvement by following the procedures laid out by the laid down statutes or state laws.Under this process the borrower has to first consent before taking the loan. Which implies that to the mortgage a “power of sale clause” must be added allowing for the sale of the property should the debtor default.